Friday, February 4, 2011

Dick Flashing at McDick's

Hollaback! Ottawa here. We unfortunately have to report our own Hollaback!

I ran out the door without breakfast this morning and by 10:30am, the state of my stomach was getting critical. I headed to the nearest McDonald's because I thought a McMuffin would cure my ills. I headed to the McDonald's at the corner of Bank and Queen (near Sparks street) and all was fine and well until I went to pick up my order and another customer came up to the counter to whisper to the cashier that someone was openly masturbating in the washroom.

Now I was lucky enough not to have to witness this or even see the guy in question, but how messed up of a world do we live in when we set the bar that low for ourselves?

"Wow, you got real lucky that time, girl. Got to get a cheap breakfast without having to see someone's genitals. Must be lucky Friday!"


I burst out of there fairly quickly after that before the thought of someone's public masturbation soured my already disgusting breakfast, so I wasn't able to capture an image.

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